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some preliminary remarks
The Maginot Line
At World War II
Fort Schoenenbourg
The Lime Fort
Fort Simserhof
Fort Hackenberg
Fort Immerhof
Fort Fermont
Fort of Villy-La-Ferte

The Maginot Line - some preliminary remarks

images/stories/Maginotlinie/maginot_19.jpgIn april 1998 I received a travel scholarship from the German-French Jugendwerk. In the context of an Individual program I got one week sponsored to accomplish my personal travel project: "The Maginot Line and its historical and geographical impact." For one week me and a couple of friends (Baptiste and Birgit) visited Forts and slept outside in the woods with temperatures dropping below zero. An experience I was glad to make and I can only recommend a weeks tour of the Maginot Line to anyone. Really. (perhaps not in april, though;) Ever since, France has become my favorite travel destination in Europe. At least once a year I travel to France and when I can, I pay the impressive Bunkers of the Maginot Line a visit --> Maginot 2002. The conditions of the scholarship required me to make a report as well as a diary. Rummaging in my old floppy disks I recently found these texts, so here's the pictures I took along with the text, both 'digitally eternalized'.

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