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some preliminary remarks
The Maginot Line
At World War II
Fort Schoenenbourg
The Lime Fort
Fort Simserhof
Fort Hackenberg
Fort Immerhof
Fort Fermont
Fort of Villy-La-Ferte


This Fort of the Maginot Line is situated near the village of Schoenenbourg north east of Haguengau. A 30 m deep and 1200m long gallery connects the 8 blocks of the Fort. The 6 combat blocks are equipped with turrets and 75mm canons. After 10 months of relative quietness, heavy German artillery attacks on the Fort started from the 14th may onwards. In return, both of the 75mm canons of blocks 3 and 4 fired appr. 16,000 grenades back.


From the 20.June, both entries of the Fort were under constant bombardment of Stukas of the German Luftwaffe. The Germans also used a 42-cm-Skoda Mortar firing 55 concrete breaching grenades each weighing 1100kg. Altogether, the Fort had to withstand 3000 missiles. The prolonged bombardment did not yield the results, the Germans hoped for. The Forts crew only surrendered after the armistice had been signed the 25th of July by the French government.

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